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This volume will cover the gameplay of support Sven, when to pick it, and how to maximize its potential. Support Sven is a very uncommon but potentially highly underrated pick for a number of reasons we'll get into later. I would not be surprised to see it make an appearance in the
Sven DOTA 2 Hero. Find all Sven stats and find build guides to help you play DOTA 2.
1 Oct 2014 Proud in his exile, Sven has only his own rogue strength to count on and such mighty strength it is! Smashing opponents into the ground with his Storm Bolts and cleaving them apart, the Rogue Knight i.
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9 Apr 2014 I play this hero a lot as a support in pubs and with friends. Sometimes I just grab it when my friend wants to play dark seer. I end up doing well in the mid game mostly and sometimes the early game. But I never know when it's time to build non support items like BKB or even an assault. Yes, I know his mana
Sven is occasionally played as an early support. Using this build, his role is to buy a Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger, then jump in to initiate with Storm Hammer. As the game progresses, Sven can transition into a carry. Although transitioning a dedicated support into a carry is not often ideal and
Late game: If the game has gone well you're pretty much a carry now. Hit shit, Stun shit, Cleave shit. Just Sven things. Blink in, stun BKB ult and hit things. If they target you, GOOD. Every hit and stun you take is one not being done to your primary damage dealer, it was blown on a support. If they dont hit you,
3 Jul 2012 Intro. Hello everyone, thanks for reading this guide. This guide shows that Sven can resign from farming, and focus on supporting carry (ranged one preferably) However this build should not be used when there is no strong carry in team. I honestly think that Sven is one of the less item dependent heroes
14 Feb 2016
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