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12 Jul 2015 Farming On The Farm In Dragon Nest. Since the recent revamp farming is now much simpler. You can make some easy gold from using the farm. I suggest plant either apples or life giving essence. Here is a short guide: Any character lv24 or higher can farm; To learn farming there is a quest at Irene where
LEVELING GUIDE 1-95 This is an in-depth guide to show you the fastest way to get the most EXP while leveling from 1 to 95 (ofc if you are plvl'd then this 16-24: Astral Coven Laboratory (Ashen Ruins - North Gate in Carderock) . Head into any Farming field from 25 to 7 and talk to the NPC to the right.
1 Feb 2012
24 Feb 2015
This is by no means the only way to play Dragon Nest; you should still experiment and learn by yourself. Also, credits to u/kel007 for writing Although this doesn't contribute to the Hero EXP, you can also farm lower grade jewels at the same time and sell them. 6. Extra Dungeons. If you're still lacking in
15 Jan 2013 Page 1 of 8 - The Real Gold Farming: 300-500 Gold/hour + Up To 5000 Gold/ Week - posted in Guides & Strategies: REPOSTED: WITH REVISIONS (I believe the other guys copy and posted this at the bottom, so here it is) DONOT focus anymore planting dark grass and black raw rice - SDN elixirs (Vitality
Dragon Nest is available on various servers, with each servers serving a particular region. Please give me feedback on the guide and I'll do my best to make it accurate and clear. Note: Are you one-shotting (16-24) DTMI Dark Tower Magic Institute (SEA): ACL Astral Coven Laboratory (NA). Note: If this
26 Oct 2017 7 Jan 2015 posted in Guides & Strategies: i already 80 level in dragon nest my item still very Cherry Credits Forum; > Dragon Nest SEA; > Guides & Strategies i have read guides on gold farming but it seems that you need to be . there are a ton of “gold” guides here as well, just look around ( the lvl 24/32
Dragon Nest Leveling Guide From Level 1 to 80 Hey fellow Lagendians have you been wondering how to level up quickly from level 1 to 80, ever since the new If you joined a level 24 and above guild, you will get to buy Guild Costume that will give you 4% - 10% EXP bonus depending on how many part you bought.
8 Mar 2017