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revolution is occurring again with the advent of image-guided spine intervention. Five percent of the American population at any one time has back pain. This huge patient population is seeking help for this disabling and persistent problem. Image-Guided Spine Interventions describes the varied and numerous procedures
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This book provides all the information necessary to perform today's full range of image-guided interventional procedures for the alleviation of spine and back pain. Over 625 spectacular illustrations and images--combined with careful, step-by-step instructions show precisely how to perform each technique and avoid
16 Jan 2004 Download Image-guided Spine Interventions PDF. John M. Mathis" . Springer-Verlag New York Inc.. 16 Jan 2004. This practical guide thoroughly discusses both well-established and new interventions that are appli
As image-guided spine interventions have increasingly become a primary strategy for managing back pain, the tools and capabilities available to practitioners have grown significantly. This fully revised edition of Image-Guided Spine Interventions presents the latest procedures available to physicians who perform minimally
9 Aug 2010 Google e-books download Image-Guided Spine Interventions, an Issue of Neuroimaging Clinics PDF by John M. Mathis. John M. Mathis. Elsevier - Health Sciences Division. 09 Aug 2010. This edition of Neuroimaging Clinics focuses on these minimally invasive, image-guided therapies. It
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