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This manual provides instructions on safety, connections and operation of the ATyS motorised changeover switch manufactured by SOCOMEC. • Whether the
General Catalogue 2011-2012. SOCOMEC. Manual changeover. Motorised changeover /. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). ATyS M 6 p. 302. ATyS 3 p. 310.
Manual transfer switches; Remote transfer switches · Automatic transfer switches · Universal N/E controller · UL product range · Contact Us. Follow us Socomec
Earthing switch. SOCOMEC. SIRCOVER MANUALLY OPERATED CHANGEOVER SWITCHES. Note: Fully motorized versions available on request, please
Function. The SOCOMEC Motorized Changeover. Switch is a motor operated 4 Pole changeover switch. be achieved through manual operation and ensure a
General Catalogue 2011-2012 SOCOMEC Motorised Changeover Switches Switch to position 0. Manual operation. Generator start atys_028_e_1_gb_ca. ATyS d. Remote Transfer Switching Equipment. EN. INSTRUCTION. MANUAL .. Motorised Changeover with control driven by dry contacts.
coupled with their Auto and Manual operating ATyS r. Remote. Transfer. Switch. Dual power supply. Automatic controller.
From the 'small' COMO C manual transfer switches to the ATyS p automatic transfer switches, the range of switches covers, as standard, a large proportion of
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