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INTAKE DUCT AND MOTORIZED DAMPER G2. R. C. 24V. 24V. D. D. Heating Call Input Signal. Fan Output to HVAC System. HVAC System Hot. HVAC System Common. 24VAC to Damper. 24VAC to The majority of manual changeover thermostats interlock the fan relay with the cooling relay when the thermostat is.
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the AirCycler® g2 controller as possible, and the inlet duct connect to the return plenum upstream of the system filter, and down- stream of any duct mounted sensors. DAMPER INSTALLATION. The damper may be installed in any position. It is recommended to install it with the motor at the 12 o'clock position if mounted
The installation of the furnace, wiring, warm air ducts, venting, etc. must conform to the requirements of the. National Fire Such applicable regulations or requirements take precedence over the general instructions in this manual. IMPORTANT .. this case, one opening shall be within 12" of the ceiling and one opening
Typical dampers require a maximum of 12VA each. This total must not exceed the. VA rating of the transformer. 3.5. SIZING DAMPERS. It is important that dampers be sized according to system ductwork specification (CFM) and balanced in compliance to SMACNA, ACCA and ASHRAE guidelines in order for the control.
K-FLEX ST DUCT. ECONOMICAL: flexible and easy to handle, it is made in measurements of 1500 mm in width to ensure easy installation on ducts. PRACTICAL: the self-adhesive surface has been made rougher to improve its grip on the metal ducts. CONVENIENT: its 1500 mm width cuts down on application time,
HVAC Installer: Please Leave Manual for Homeowner. Serial No: .. Connect the G2 terminal on the dehumidifier to the G terminal on the heating or air conditioning system. 12. DUCTED TO HVAC SYSTEMS - Dependent Operation. Duct Connections. In this arrangement, the dehumidifier is connected either upstream or
21 Jul 2016 Duct sensors. QFM31.. for relative humidity (high accuracy) and temperature. • Operating voltage AC 24 V / DC 13.535 V. • Signal output DC 010 V . 12 mA. 4 mA. °F. °C. °F. °C. QFM31D. Measuring range. Test function active. 1. 8. 8. 2. Z. 01 e n. Display temperature unit. The setting elements are
This manual has been provided by Jayco, Inc. for the sole purpose of providing instructions concerning the operation and maintenance Instructions are included in the manual for operating various components which are optional on some vehicles. . 12-VOLT DC OUTLET (IF SO EQUIPPED)44. 12-VOLT DC SYSTEM.