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V913@. WIIIIYS. HEUCOPTER. IIISIIIIIIIIIIIII MIIIIIIIIl s п n. I l w llll carefully before assemblan and flylng lha new V913 helicopter. We recommund that you keep lhla manual lor future reference latest technology In Rotary RC modell. Please rsacl this manual regarding tuning and maintenance. Thank you lor buying WLTOYS
30 Aug 2016
WLToys - V913 Review V913 rc helicopter (no surprise there);; Radio (Excluding batteries);; 1500maH LiPo battery;; Charger;; Spare main blades;; Spare tail blades;; User manual. Keep in mind, that the V913 is much bigger than the V912 and might at times "feel" like it takes a second longer to respond to inputs.
25 May 2013
20 Oct 2014
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WL Toys V913 400-size 4CH Fixed-Pitch Heli Not-So-Mini Review After my successful reviews of the WL Toys V911 & V929, the same fellow from TMart. I thought that wasn't too bad, but clearly it shipped with a partial charge; subsequent charge cycles took the full 90 minutes stated in the manual, almost
This model is equipped with a rechargeable Li-po Battery. Li-po batteries require special attention, follow the manual. - The batteries must be charged with the charger supplied by WLtoys. Battery recycling recommendations. - Always charge the battery to 100%. - Never damage the battery mechanically (this could cause an