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1 Mar 2011 CZHFM ONLINE STORE 5Watt Stereo FM Transmitter (Black) [CZH-5C] [CZH-5C-B] - Package included:5Watt PLL FM Radio Stereo Broadcast Transmitter With LCD X1(Note: does not include any attachments, if you need to include the power and rubber antenna, please purchase our discount packages.
CZE-5C / CZH-5C 5W FM transmitter User Manual.PDF. Date:2013/12/3 17:29:56 Hits:1368. ?Click to download?. Prev:English User Manual For CZE-05B/CZH-05B/FU-05B 0.5W FM Transmitter .PDF. Next:CZE-7C / CZH-7C 7W FM transmitter User Manual.PDF · Home| About Us| Products| News| FAQ| Download| Projects|
30 Mar 2011 CZHFM ONLINE STORE 5Watt Stereo FM Transmitter [CZH-5C] + Power Supply + Antenna [CZH-5C-KIT] - Package included:CZH-5C 5W 76-108Mhz fm Transmitter x1 AGP All Aluminum Quarter wavelength New GP For more information, please visit this product's Datasheet or Instruction Manual .
FM Transmitter (CZH-5C/7C) User Manual. Revised by BG7CR on Nov-1st 2012. Any question please send email to Please visit our website for more products. 1. Important. 1. Maintenance can only be operated by authorized professionals. 2. Get lightening protection
They do not provide a manual but you can download them from more than one site. here is one . The first unit I got failed after two years. Now I have this unit and it too has a noisy fan and the antenna will not anchor into a desired vertical position so
11 Sep 2012 Fmuser-CZH-CZE-5C5WTransmitterUserManual CZH Fm TransmitterNo.1502 Room HuiLan Building No.273 Huanpu Road Guang Zhou, G
This product uses a new generation of Japanese. ROHM's chip FM stereo radio emission (BH1415F). Seiko-produced. This machine looks beautiful, with gold-plated aluminum chassis fully closed, compact structure, shielding is good, solid firm, due to BH1415F integrates PLL frequency PLL, audio pre-emphasis, limiter
CZE(H)-5C/7C PLLFM TRANSMITTER. User's Guide. About Elecsky Products and Services. More information about Our products and services is available through the following sources: or Elecsky Technical Support: In China, please call QQ 45034448. In other areas, E-mail
Download 5W FU-5C CZE-5C CZH-5C FM Transmitter English Manual PDF == == Download 5W FU-5C CZE-5C CZH-5C FM Transmitter English Manual PDF == Click here to buy the 5W CZH-5C FM transmitter with your paypal or credit card.