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Listening to instructions. a man pointing and giving instructions. This lesson is based around employability and deals with language used in common workplace instructions such as switch off the lights and lock the door. Topic: Employability. Level: SfL Entry 2 / SQF National 3 / CEFR A2. Time: 90 mins. Aims. To introduce
This page offers free and engaging ESL EFL teaching activities, worksheets and games about asking for and giving directions.
This activity help me to know about the direction, some new words to use when I use a car. Because I don't want to get lost in my town, because I usually tell my mom the streets but I don't remember. This is very helpful in my daily life to know where can I go and the specific names to now know it. up. 4 users have voted.
Run English Conversation classes for parents at the school I work at. Excellent resource for the topic of the topic of functional language of giving instructions. Very precise language and visuals. Thank you. silverfox 2013-08-26 22:24:10. It is hard to find simple instruction activities to suit low level students. This is very useful
This ESL lesson plan teaches beginners how to give basic instructions in English. It includes; a lead-in activity, along with some practical ESL classroom activity and game ideas that accommodate low-resource classrooms. The TEFL Handbook app has over 100 lesson plans, 300+ ESL
This directions worksheet is for students who are learning directions for the first time. First you will have to introduce the names of various places but once your vocabulary introduction and practice has been completed, you can use the worksheet to practice giving directions. Do not forget to test comprehension by giving
Oral language: Understand spoken information and instructions in a range of contexts. Learning task 3: This activity is designed to ensure that students can listen to and follow instructions with two or three steps. Students get one half of the barrier exercise and take turns giving instructions that their partner has to follow.
30 Mar 2011
Then they give their directions to another team to follow exactly as they wrote them (even though they know how to get to the places!). They report back as to where they ended up. It really emphasises the need for specific directions. I like to do this as the opening activity so they are focussed on giving the best details they