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5 Oct 2007
The Sony consumer high definition (AVCHD/MTS) hard drive and flash memory camcorders have a menu-accessed manual focus method that uses the camcorder's touch-screen. That includes the HDR-XR and HDR-CX series camcorders. The Panasonic HDC-HS and HDC-TM series hard drive/flash
Focus. To adjust the focus. On focal distance information. You can adjust the focus manually. You can select this function also when you want to focus on a certain Your camcorder displays the focal distance information for a few seconds when the focus mode is switched from automatic to manual or when you set the focus
24 Apr 2014
Learn how to use two powerful manual focus tools: MF Assist and Peaking Levels on Sony cameras in this tutorial video from professional photographer Gary Fong.
Manual Focus Assist is a setting that is an option on Sony cameras.
10 Jul 2015
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