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If greater light transmittance and throughput is valued instead of a wider transmittance range, a liquid light guide is an excellent alternative to traditional fiber bundles. These light guides are cheaper and provide greater durability than fiber bundles made of standard fused silica material. Oriel®offers liquid light for various
Thorlabs' Liquid Light Guides (LLGs) offer outstanding transmission from 340 - 800 nm for white light illumination applications, and can be used with our stabilized broadband sources, free-space broadband sources, or plasma light sources. For large core diameters, liquid light guides are a more efficient transmission
Lightguides. POL's wide expertise in advanced opto-mechanical design and manufacturing enables intricate lightguide products to be developed, which provide functional and aesthetic illumination in a wide range of applications. Complex lightguide shapes can be developed to follow the contours of the product styling or
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Our innovative LED fixture light guides deliver superior light quality and control enabling fixture manufacturers to save money and energy by using fewer or lower-cost LEDs in their general lighting products.
Dual Branch Light Guides offer 70% typical illuminator coupling efficiency along with crimped stainless steel terminations. Learn more at Edmund Optics.
MORITEX develops and manufactures multi-component glass fiber and silica fiber from strands. Light guides are assembled in a variety of irradiation shapes bundling many strands of fiber that are each from only 50 µm in diameter, enabling high intensity illumination that is noise and heat free in combination with light
Fiber Optic Light Guides are used to transmit illumination provided by fiber optic illuminators for a number of imaging or microscopy applications. Fiber Optic Light Guides are available in several varieties including backlights or ring lights. Edmund Optics offers a wide range of
Flexible Fiber Optic Light Guides made of high transmission glass fibers sheathes in PVC-covered monocoil are available at Edmund Optics.