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Asarlai. Hi Amandalee, Cadhla sounds like Keela or Kyla according to 'Babynames of Ireland' and has the wonderful meaning "a beauty that only poetry can capture' Check out the link below for a whole list of Girl's names with audio- (Cadhla is Keela - K)
5 Dec 2011 Cadhla is an old irish name meaning beautiful. shes usually compassionate, loyal and shy around people they dont know. She is smart in a way, funny (even in the sick humorus way), loving, cares alot about her family and especially her friends, a sholder to cry on, a good friend, she'd take a bullet for
11 Feb 2014 Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Cadhla in Irish with native pronunciation. Cadhla translation and audio pronunciation.
11 Nov 2015
Toggle navigation inogolo. Home · Search · Explore Names · Pronunciation Guides · About · Help. Cadhla; Pronunciation: kaw-lah; Your browser does not support the audio element. Origin: Irish. Tags. irish · pronunciation key. Copyright 2006-2017 : inogolo.
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How do you say Cadhla in English? Pronunciation of Cadhla found 3 audio voices and 1 Meaning for Cadhla.
7 Feb 2012 Confused about how to pronounce the girl's name Cadhla. Some websites say Kyla and some say Kayla and one even says Corla. Are there any Cadhla rollercoasters out there, who could put my mind at res.
4 Jul 2012 Afternoon ladies, Just wondering how to pronounce the name Cadhla? I thought it would be like 'Kay la' or even maybe 'ky la' but I asked a native speaker in Donegal and he pronounced it 'Cad la' with a hard d which I don't really like! Any ideas? thanks
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