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18 Sep 2009 First, let me clarify that a church filing a Form 1099-MISC with its pastor's compensation is virtually never correct. He is an employee and should be issued a Form W-2. Of course, being classified as an employee is very helpful to both the church and the pastor since independent contractors are ineligible for
Is the Pastor Self Employed, or a Staff Minister. This is one of the most confusing areas you will have to understand. The answer to this question – is YES. He is both Self Employed, and a Staff Minister. As there are two sides to this issue, we will try to help you understand how he is to be treated. He is “Self Employed,” in that
21 Sep 2017 See Publication 517, Social Security and Other Information for Members of the Clergy and Religious Workers, for limited exceptions from self-employment tax. Facts and circumstances determine whether you're considered an employee or a self-employed person under common-law rules. Generally, you're
report on a Form 1099-MISC is incorrect, unless they have exer- cised due diligence. A church will be deemed to have exercised due diligence if it has self-employed persons provide their Social. Security numbers using Form W-9. It is a good idea for churches to present self-employed workers (e.g., guest speakers, contract.
Box 13: Check the box “Retirement Plan” for clergy who participate in the OCA Pension Plan. Box 14: You may report a church-designated housing allowance in this box. This is not mandatory, but it is helpful information for clergy in filing their personal income tax. III. COMPLETING FORM 1099. Follow the IRS instructions
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Answer. Pastors fall under the clergy rules. They are considered a common law employee of the church so although they should receive a W2, (some churches are still issuing 1099-MISCs) their income is reported in different ways.
The next screen will ask you to enter the amount of your housing allowance. Continue through the business interview and enter your 1099-MISC. If you report clergy income and your employer does not pay Social Security and Medicare tax, you must: pay these taxes yourself in the form of self-employment tax or.
I have a SELF-EMPLOYED minister for whom I am completing a 1099-misc. Where do I enter the amount for his housing allowance? And where do I enter the.