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nitrobenzene to phenylamine

reaction of aniline with bromine water

bromination of aniline mechanism

aniline + naoh

phenylamine uses

electrophilic substitution reaction of benzene

phenylamine + hcl

benzene to nitrobenzene mechanism

Thus the -NO2 group is meta directing as far as electrophilic ring substitution is Approximately 95% of nitrobenzene is consumed in the production of aniline.
Substitution into the benzene ring in phenylamine (aniline) using bromine water. In other words, it undergoes electrophilic substitution. If you increase the
Chemguide – questions. ELECTROPHILIC SUBSTITUTION. 1. The diagrams show simplified orbital models of ethene and benzene: a) Both molecules are
A summary of the reactions of phenylamine (aniline) in which it acts as a fairly After nitration, you can remove the ethanoyl group by simply warming with
THE NITRATION OF BENZENE. This page gives you the facts and a simple, uncluttered mechanism for the electrophilic substitution reaction between benzene
Electrophilic substitution of aromatic amines. Halogenation of Aromatic Arenes. This reaction is used as a test for aniline. However, if monosubstituted derivative
A discussion of the problems of drawing mechanisms for electrophilic substitution into already substituted benzene rings.
ELECTROPHILIC SUBSTITUTION MECHANISMS MENU. What is electrophilic substitution? . . . Some background on benzene (including links to more detailed
ELECTROPHILIC SUBSTITUTION Background. Electrophilic substitution happens in many of the reactions of compounds containing benzene rings - the arenes.
The preparation of phenylamine (aniline) from benzene via nitrobenzene. Note: Follow this link if you want the mechanism for the nitration of benzene. Use the